I compose and perform all kinds of music using all sorts of instruments. Here is a link my blog's music posts.

You can hear some more at my SoundCloud page, or this other one (which is more noisey-droney).

November 2017: I have been working on some songs for the past eleven months, and soon they will be 'released.' Here is a preview, one called "Shooting in the Dark."

August 2016: Back in August I worked on a project: to interview people living along South Fork Peachtree Creek near Poem 88 Gallery. I went door-to-door and asked a series of questions about living on the Creek, and from the material wrote four songs. They were performed at the gallery, and the start-to-finish time was about six weeks. Zac Denton (keys, backing vocals) joined me for the performance, and he and I recorded versions of them as well.

June 2016: Here is some quickly made music for the Atlanta Synthesizer Club's "Minimal Mondays", called "Mainly Mammal."

... and another one made in the same circumstances called "A Legion of Eels.”

In October 2015 I wrote a song a day for nine days. I released the results about five days after that. It was a fun project. If you wish to download the nine songs, here is a link to uncompressed files, and here is one to mp3s. Or, listen to them right here:

In October 2015, I was featured on the experimental radio station Radius to provide radio-based art for their monthly podcast and local FM radio broadcast.


One of the pieces is called "Radio Ethnographer."

Radio Ethnographer from Jonathan Ciliberto on Vimeo


I've recently enjoyed playing with the littleBits synth kit. Here is something made using it in May 2014, and many more pieces using this analog modular kit are here and here. Here is something called "First Conclave:"

7-31-2015 First Conclave from Jonathan Ciliberto on Vimeo.


In June 2014, I released a CD of music played on the khokpo I received in Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India. Here is a song, a cover of a Ladakhi song, "Ston gyi lu / Autumn".

In 2013, I contributed a microcassette of original music to the Museum of Microcassette art; it features a rather wide variety of styles.

Also in 2013, I made a 1980s, ambient soundtrack (20'03") to a video work called The Last One, by Atlanta artist who will remain nameless (because, although I made this soundtrack of original music for him gratis, he chose not to credit me anywhere on the DVD, or on his website).

I was delighted to collaborate with Martha Whittington and Beacon Dance for an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Georgia in August-Sept 2012. I composed a 20 minute dance suite (here it is), five sections, all-acoustic, as well as interstitial and gallery music.

Here's a video:



I composed/recorded during a two-week residency at the Hambidge Center in 2012 -- Hambidge is a fantastic place, please visit and support!

Some of these are unfinished:

Pieces for Dance, for Wind Quintet:

Wind Quintet: mini-pastorale

Wind Quintet_slow

Here are some other, quite different, musical pieces I made at Hambidge during my 2012 residency:

Hibernia (5'38"), Friction Tape (3'31"), Hide Your Leg (2'58"), Symptoms of Words (5'20"), Misapplied or Misplayed (1'33"), Welcome to Hambidge (2'13")

I was really delighted to make music for Beacon Dance's "Elemental" series. We had performances of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, each site specific at locations all around Atlanta. Here is (what I think is) the world's first "Ambient Rag," composed for Earth. The entire piece for "Earth" (and photos) is here.

An overview of 2009 is here.

Here is a movie made by EMPATH ATL, showing in a few minutes the 2014 PRE International Noise Conference in Atlanta. My part is from around 1:14 - 1:40. (But watch it all! Great stuff throughout!) My performance employed two tin cans connected with string, with an FM wireless intercom unit at each can, plus rocks, sticks, leaves, radio, small electronics. It is called "A Natural History of Noise"

Click here to watch a short movie: playing an improvised piece of music on a khokpo from Spiti valley in NW India (2 July 2012):

This is some music I composed and performed for a dance performance in 2012.

Here are Zac Denton (guitar), Drew Lloyd (bass) and I playing the Carter Family tune, "A Distant Land to Roam" at Poem 88 on 18 December 2010.

From 2009, some Robot Party Music.

There is a huge amount more, and it varies widely in style. If you don't like one thing... maybe you'll like another. Stranger things have happened.