3-7-2012: Some very short musical bits. The third installment of Beacon Dance's "Elemental" series was performed in the Decatur Cemetery, 2-4 March 2012. Some press, here and here and here is some post-event reportage: Burnaway's review and tumblr and a flikr set of images.

Here is a movie of one of the performances.

The sound & music for "Fire" was more concrete than the previous two elements, using sound samples (some from freesound.org), and was performed live (mostly) at the site of the dance using synthesizers, samplers, computer, radio, and other noises. Thank you Mark Valenzuela for bagpipes in section 2, and Allison Rentz for whispers in section 1, and also to Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (the final section is a variation on a theme from "The Nutcracker" suite). The entire 3-3-2012 soundtrack is here for your listening pleasure (43'25").

There were three violin pieces amid the total of 44 minute soundtrack, designed specifically to accompany dance solos. One of them was atonal, another tonal, the third was improvised each for each performance.

2-12-2012: A Bloody Crime ! Playing country standards is fun. Here is Zac and my one and only rehearsal for "Rose Connelly", a cheery murder ballad that we played at {Poem 88}'s 2012 Valentine's Salon. Zac singing and playing guitar, I am playing ukulele.

1-22-2012: More ! ! Listen to some more, recently composed music for dance!

11-22-2011: Now ! There are some other woefully underfed Internet feeds from Your Humble Narrator: twitter and tumblr.

As with item 1) below, here is a live recording of the second performance for Beacon Dance: Earth.

And, why not?, where is a short bio that I wrote for a guest lecture I did at GSU, along with a few drawings and musical bits I made at the same occasion.

11-8-2011: On occasion it occurs to me that people other than myself might not be aware that I am constantly making: drawings, music, free poems, articles, little movies, photographs, &c., &c. A combination of self-demotion and preferring for people to find out for themselves (and Judge for Themselves) undergirds this. Add to it my distaste for whiz-bang spending any more time than necessary on my own website and... gaps. Great silence.

Rectifying, a bit, here are a few recent items:

1) I am making music for dance, for a series of four "element" themed dance performances by Beacon Dance. The first ("water") was at Emory, along a stream. I was situated under a bridge for a total of TEN PERFORMANCES, each lasting 47 or so minutes... You can review the music portion here: this is one of the complete live performances.

2) I performed four times with Allison Rentz on her "Donorcycle" piece, in front of the Museum of Design in April, and more recently three times at Underground Atlanta as part of Elevate.

3) I am always making paintings and drawings, and whenever possible, giving them away. Let me know what you might like.

4) At many events and festivals this year, I have written with the group, Free Poems on Demand. This is one of my favorite public performances, and I think one of the most effective and successful performance art pieces Atlanta has seen in many years. Of course, since we don't package it as art or performance art, it is more succesful still -- i.e., it is received with astonishing enthusiasm and interest by a slice of people from the wide population.

5) I write reviews, and sometimes drawings accompany them.

xxoo, jc

1-9-2011: MAJOR UPDATE ! don't believe the type. Newly added link to a cornucopia, a web page overflowing with treats, some over-ripe, all aiming to please! Some MUSIC, DRAWINGS, and PHOTOS from 2009.

In 2010, also, became re-involved in corporate life, also a mini-diorama and micro-instance of class struggle. Who imagined that so little could mean so much to so few? (A: Everyone.)

Elements and evidence of nine weeks spent in India in summer 2010... forthcoming.

ALSO in 2010, I starting writing Free Poems on Demand with some great people. This is a wonderful joy.

The main function of this site is: a place to put drawings, photographs, and music. Below the line is a running, not-complete, list of items from 2007 (with occasional flashbacks mixed in toward the early part of the year). This area of the site is intentionally deliberate: that is, it is a record of everyday activity, not a packaged presentation. Further, I don't make it especially easy to use: I would prefer visitors to expand time and find a few things, rather than compress time and find many things. (I am the founder and perhaps sole member of the "Slow Web" movement.)

3 January 2009: Since this site was launched, it has received 50,818 Server Requests. I promise to put some more things up on it soon. (p.s., don't believe every/anything you read on the Internet.)

Ok, ok... you've coerced me, you persistent hedgehog, you! Here is a rather fluffy bit of 'ole timey ambient' I made this evening. Happy New Year. - Jon

Those interested in my professional life can download a résumé and some samples. I can be contacted through the address found on the résumé. note: I am certianly the most deeply experienced (and least self-promoting) graphic designer you are likely to meet. THE SURPLUS GETS PASSED ALONG TO YOU! I have done it all, can do it all, with a huge surfeit of ideas! And ego-free !

Here is another website I maintain: Buddhist Art News. It is a blog, with re-posted news and original reviews.

- Jon C.

FROM 2007:

(click to see/hear; to download, Mac: ctrl-click; Windows: right-click)

27 December Here is a small drawing I did at lunch, at a fish place in Decatur...

26 December My very good friends DRS and JRS always send me items for my stocking at Christmas time; I do not really otherwise celebrate the holiday, and D's keen sense of my interests and oddities makes this a real delight. This year I received, amongst other oddities, this handheld sampling toy. I recorded this with it alone (multitracked), "Not Presidential".

18 December As with the Blüe Oyster Cult song, this Ronnie James Dio song from the 1980's has always had a place in my memory. I was at a party this evening and something put it in my head, so when I got home at 1:30, I looked up the lyrics online and recorded this version of "Holy Diver", ignoring the parts of the song I could not recall (the bridge): guitar, bass, vocal, synth. . . I like doing these memory-recording experiments. To hear the original, check out the awesome video here.

15 December I love the Bagel Palace! Here is a quick painting I did there one day as a gift for the owner.

9 December Two tiny drawings (1, 2) from a friend's dramatic reading at Emory, a reading of various things by various people, all in states of semi-completion, for which the audience was asked to feedback rather forcibly and at length. I was a bit stunned that, after, I was asked to pay an admission fee, and asked in such a way that they implication was I'd 'snuck in' and avoided paying? I had no idea people would charge money for something like that, especially as the reading was the culmination of some sort of play-writing seminar for which I presume the participants had paid a tuition of some kind. Y'all are all welcome to see anything I make for absolutely free, and odds are I will give the result to you for the same non-cost. . . Charging money for art is not good for anyone.

7 December Lucky bamboo, in line for takeout at a Thai restaurant.

6 December A pencil drawing of the poet, Louis Zukovsky.

10 December Another cover song, "Kaimana Hila" (this is the old name for Diamond Head) a Hawaiian favorite rendered here in the usual unabashedly emotive style.

9 December I phoned a friend of mine and she invited me to come with her to a couple of holiday parties. It was last-second, so I did not have anything to bring, so instead I brought my small watercolor set and did drawings for the hosts. Here is one I did at my friend's house.... an aloe plant.

7 December Some songs stay with me in memory. For no discernible reason, I was reminded of a Blüe Oyster Cult song, "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" -- it was on the Heavy Metal soundtrack, that is how I first heard it, about 22 years ago. I recorded a version of it with minimal preparation. Here it is -- recorded live (vocal and guitar) without a clear sense of the lyrics or chords in some spots.

5 December A classic Hawaiian song, rendered here in a not-unemotional manner, vocals and ukulele: White Sandy Beach.

1 December Here is a little sketch while listening to the ASO perform Prokofiev's "Romeo & Juliet". After that, I was somehow at the Red Light Cafe and there were belly dancers.

30 November In the later evening, I went with some friends to the Su Jung Spa, a very relaxing place. . .

30 November Eating at Figo means having an inordinate amount of things on the table.

30 November A Japanese roof tile design.

29 November Nearing the end of my supply of card catalog cards, this one is called "Curves & Barriers", and one called "Cut Flowers".

28 November I particularly like Fage yogurt.

26 November My brother and I have a fun project recording and emailling cover songs to one another. In my case, these are rapidly learned, barely practiced, and poorly sung. Here is "More Pretty Girls Than One".

24 November I went down to Florida to visit relatives. I did some drawings: the (not thriving) grapefruit tree at my Nana's house, a plant at the same location, a general scene of the canal behind her house, some flowers in a vase on Thanksgiving at my aunt's, an abstract drawing and another one, three views of Ft. Pierce beach (1, 2, 3). I also took a few photos: the turtles that populate the canal, another one of same (you can see at least four turtles in this one), a wide view of Ft. Pierce beach, and here is one I took while driving back, a long-exposure of night driving.

17 November Somehow, I ended up in the home of strangers and late in the evening. There were all playing a game called "Guitar Hero II" and here is sketch on a scrap of paper of that. I left them another (better) drawing of same.

17 November A drawing of Jizo (from a Japanese sculpture), a birthday gift for my nephew HTC.

17 November A slightly more spacious painting of a flower, a Golden Splendour, from a photograph by Irving Penn.

17 November A dachshound painting which I gave to my cousin.

13 November I went to a job interview. In the lobby -- a sub-lobby of a larger company -- there was no one at the reception desk. There was a sign, however, indicating that, in the event that no-one was there, to use the phone to contact this person or this other person. I dialled the first and got no answer. I dialled the second and got no answer. I waited a bit and reapeated and got the same result. I waited a bit more and . . . same result. Looking into the area around the reception desk, I found a company directory and looked up the person I was meeting and called that number: busy. Various amounts of all of the above repeated with the same result. After about twenty minutes of this, I took a post-it pad and did this drawing of the phone. I am an expert at corporate fat, so I was surprised that this place did not offer me the assignment. . .

10 November I was at a wedding, and did this tiny drawing of some "dead flowers" for SC.

6 November A small drawing on a card for mailing, for TY, a stranger who tried to offer me aid in what turned out to be an hopeless situation.

1 November Here is a bull from Ancient Arts of Central Asia.

29 October Some flowers, drawn on a napkin.

29 October Here is a wholly improvised musical effort by Monomania, titled "So Few So Proud".

26 October Sanderlings in flight, from a nice photograph in a book in the Agnes Scott Library.

19 October A dramatic meeting on Martha.

19 October The moon and more fall colors.

17 October Here is another in a series of rapid cover songs. I have not made any practice of learning/playing songs, nor of singing. This project involves: recalling a song from memory that I've always like and then in quick order recording a version of it. Here is "The Harder They Come", the awesome Jimmy Cliff tune. I heard this first when I saw the film of the same name at the Hawaii Theatre.

17 October Of course my car stopped working -- the varied electrical failings that plague all of my cars finally rendered this one unstartable. Fortuantely this happened right in my neighborhood, so a friend towed me home. While I was waiting for him, I sat down on someone's front steps and did a drawing of the small plants growing there. I painted it in later. . .

16 October This is a very small reproduction of a print by Harunobu.

15 October Here we are late at night at Kinko's.

15 October Fall colors in the front yard.

13 October I went to the airport to pick up TN. While waiting for him, I did these paintings sitting in my car, and this one of a miniature painting illustrating events in the life of Rumi, on the hood of my car. I would like to get MR to add an arabic inscription in the blank areas.

12 October Some people do not know that I began my undergraduate career with an astronomy major. I enjoy going to Agnes Scott for their open house at the observatory, with a lecture. This evening's lecture was on amateur astrophotography and the super high resolution images people are getting with a modest telescope and any old digital video camera (including a cheap webcam), using software called Registax. This neato thing basically grabs a few thousand frames from a digital movie of, say, Mars, stacks them, parses out the bad data and leaves you with some rather amazing images. Here is my lecture sketch, and here is a link to the stacking software software and here is a site with some of the fine images attained...

10 October This is on MARTA. This is in the MARTA station.

7 October This is a birthday painting I made for AN -- it is a picture I picked up in a thrift store with some added pencil and chalk.

5 October I just read Turkish Miniature Painting; one large group of paintings are of festivals in which figures and animals are constructed out of sugar and paraded around. Here is a very tiny drawing of masks for a tournament which I gave to AK (it was her birthday). Earlier in the day I had done a similarly sketchy drawing of another miniature, which I gave to my very beautiful waiter at lunch. I am sure that the intimacy of that gift has led her to think of me as creepy. Creepy is, after all, in the eye of the beholder, a sad fact we all have to learn.

5 October Some celestial views from the backyard: Orion, Cassiopea.

3 October Here are some drawings from Bent Frequency's performance at ED: performing a piece by Jacob Cooper; this is what the Arvo Part piece they played sounded like; these were all drawn in the dark; here is an attentive listener.

2 October This is a drawing of the MX Energy guy -- his smiling face is on the things they send in the mail, including the postcard from which I made this.

29 September AD programmed an evening of film in conjunction with "Atlanta Celebrates Photography". I have ambivalent feelings (at best) about the artworld and self-congratulatory affairs like ACP, but I do think AD is a great person with excellent taste and generosity. While watching the films, I did a few drawings on napkins -- ink and marker. I was trying to draw a person seated ahead of me, sitting in this camp-chair -- the resulting posture was unique and I thought, "When am I ever going to see a body in that position again?" After the films I gave one of the drawings to her -- turns out she is the Executive Director of ACP... who knew?

26 September This is in my neighborhood, three versions from the same spot. A did one of these for a very nice person, otherwise a stranger. I like these card catalog cards because they can go right into the mail; in fact I had her pre-address the card (top one) herself. . .

25 September I've loved Your Dekalb Farmer's Market since it opened. You know how when you go in there is that "Photography Prohibited . This includes still and video photography." I was picking up some items for a dinner and I had my little watercolor kit and some cards... and there are so many lovely things there ... I thought .. I'll show them! and painted these there: Indian Egglant, Mini-Pumpkins, and Shanghai Bok Choy.

24 September I love DIY, not-for-profit enterprises. Perhaps you have seen DECONFORM, a local zine. I had talked on many occasions with the couple behind this little publication and wanted to given them a drawing of something. But ... time passes ... now the zine has passed into new hands and I learned that the forthcoming issue was on "Art and Spectacle". (I don't know what that means, either.) I did this drawing....

24 September I like places that stay open late with the kitchen open -- I like quiet places and familiar ones, so here I was at Carpe Diem and I had a water color set and one of those excellent card catalog cards. I did a painting of some arranged flowers. I sent it away in the mail a few days later -- many of these small paintings end up in the mail shortly after creation.

23 September One week later, another Eyedrum parking lot drawing -- this one has LA's car... she drove up while I was sitting there. Yes, I volunteer at Eyedrum? Why? Why do we stay in abusive relationships? Is it because I am fat? (Just kidding Eyedrum... I know it is your upbringing that makes you that way.)

20 September I mentioned before the lovely small plants at Carpe Diem. Here is another one, in pencil.

19 September Here is a frog drawing for MH.

19 September I love country harmonies -- but I am not a singer. Still... I recorded "My Dear Companion" one evening in 90 minutes, doing my best not to warble too much...

16 September I was locked out of Eyedrum -- so what else is new? But, it was a pleasant Sunday with cool breezes, so I just sat out there and did some drawings of the parking lot. Here are three on card catalog cards and one on paper.

12 September Here is a short improvisation, live on two Casio keyboards. It is called "Fanfare for the Appetite".

12 September 2007 KT curated a show called "Unbuilt Atlanta", art and architecture, real, imagined, mythical, illusory. For the opening, SB and I performed (improvised) and here is an excerpt from that. I made a sort of soundtrack for the show -- background sounds for the gallery. This file is 27 Mb and 28 minutes long.

11 September In two local libraries there are tons of old card catalog cards, for use as scratch paper. I grab a few when I visit the library: they are great for using as postcards. Here are two, "Kindness to Creatures" and "Kindness to Creatures 2".

1 September Here is a two-part musical sketch, entitled "A dog ceaseless barking in mad frustration," which is exactly what was happening. The first part is rather conventional, before giving way to my more typical toe-tapping part two. I did in fact make this almost solely in order to put on headphones and not hear that dog barking at least for 30 minutes or so...

24 August Yet another drawing of tea, this one for a letter to KT.

1 September Banzai.

22 August I often do little drawings and give them to people -- wait staff if I am at lunch, clerks if I am waiting in line, etc. Here is one I did at Carpe Diem and this is a tiny phone picture, so it is not very clear.

21 August It seemed like a good idea at the time: to carve out some pieces of expanding foam and use them to make little block prints. Here are three on that idea: 1, 2, 3.

20 August I have been dealing with lawyers, and some of them make use of transparant tricks, e.g., telling you that you seem like a smart guy, or, having a trainee sit in on a meeting -- then telling everything to the trainee rather than to you. Here is my drawing of the trainee, also an expanding foam print.

15 August It was a family visit, and here is young H.T.

15 August The skies are dark up in North Georgia. Here is the Summer Triangle, shot with a 30 sec. exposure (camera lying on the ground).

14 August It is almost a curse: I get these freelance jobs where I am brought in to an office and from the first day I am there, there is nothing for me to do. In the ad world, this is not uncommon -- it is hurry up and wait and really you just need to be there "in case", and even in the "in case", the tasks are very simply accomplished. But, it causes confusion and somehow, even though I am just there as a freelancer, it ends up seeming like my fault that I am sitting there all day with nothing to do. I end up doing occasional, quick drawings, e.g., of a plant.

13 August I love the Jamaican Pattie Stop #1, on Edgewood.

13 August Here is a live improvisation by Monomania on three Casio SK keyboards... it is called Model Citizen.

9 August Here is one I did in the lobby of a Goodyear service center. This is an accurate rendering, although I suspect this woman would not agree -- vanity!

8 August Very tiny drawing at Fuel, a pizza place near my house that makes a rather good pie.

8 August B. loaned me the rare Casio SK-60. I recorded this improvisation live, no overdubs on that keyboard plus two other Casio SKs: it is called Trio Menagerie. It was tricky keeping all three plates (keyboards) spinning...

8 August Lotta Frutta is a real delight. I had lunch there and sketched some fruit. Sometimes you are trying to draw something "true to life" and sometimes you are trying to draw with reference to another set of principles... three guesses as to which I was going for in this one.

6 August A quick one at the Famous Sports Pub in Toco Hills... they have surprisingly good food there.

5 August Iguanas on the Galapagos islands encourage birds to land on their backs in order to pick ticks from them.

3 August This evening I had the kind help of AR and SW, who took me out into the outer world. At an artworld event, I spoke with some of the painters who expressed happiness at some of the collaborative aspects of the project. Collaboration in visual art rocks! Walking out, pausing to wait for SW, I drew some leaves. Perhaps these would look better finished, e.g., filled in in heavy black for that silouette look that is so popular, or painted with a shiny green. But, as is perhaps obvious, the drawings I put here are almost exclusively on-the-spot (I carry supplies), and generally I do feel that the value of them (of art) is in that immediate creation, not in a development via material or highly particular technique. Or, rather, the value is already given in that the piece is made, and so one feels caution at going further. I suppose I see this as an antidote to doing visual work for profit or resume. (Giving things away is useful as well.) Later that same night I went to a going away party and there the very wonderful PSB made fresh mojitos...

3 August I love working so close to home, and that I can walk to a few lunch places. Today I had a sandwich and at the same location was a cupcake counter. This sweet person quit her job as an architect to bake cupcakes! How about that... this drawing was a birthday gift for TM.

3 August My friend wanted to go to the mall for tax-free shopping. I don't often go to the mall, but... my other afternoon plans had fallen apart. I bought some tea in Teavana (with the usual tea-cultist employee talking my ear off about everything there is to know about tea). I did some very rapid drawings in Mont Blanc and Adidas. I was a bit offended by the Bhutanese branded clothing. I wonder if His Majesty knows about this?

2 August Here are a couple from where I am working: a prematurely antiquated computer, a cordless phone, and a plant.

29 July A line drawing of some arranged flowers at the Cook house, and a photo of a smaller drawing (a gift for RMC).

28 July There was a very fine birthday luau for RC in Mississippi. Thanks to A and C for putting it all together and for including me. Here are some photos (the non-personal sort): drive-by photo exiting Atlanta, pecan leaves, dusk sky, dusk quartet.

28 July A folding chair is a metaphor for an unrealized religious life.

25 July I have been reading the new translation of The Tale of Genji, and it is fantastic. Whenever I write a letter I try to add a little drawing, and here is one of the Byodo-in (Phoenix Hall) at Uji, Kyoto, completed in 1053.

22 July JG is getting married in a few days... we had a pre-nuptials Monomania session, resulting in one long live improvisation, and two shorter unfinished bits.

19 July Here is a quick drawing of Adron, a great local singer whom I heard play at A Capella books.

18 July Magicicada played at the Teahouse. Here is a drawing, and two automatic drawings.

18 July A very quick drawing at Kinko's.

18 July Is there anything finer than a midweek day baseball game? The Braves hosted the Reds at Turner Field. Thanks to EM for giving me the tickets. Here is a between innings drawing, (t he "9-4-2" at right was an excellent relay from Francoeur to K. Johnson to McCann to cut down the runner at the plate) and here is a quick one of Andruw Jones at bat. The game featured a matchup of two future hall of famers, John Smoltz and Ken Griffey, Jr. (cell phone pic). Griffey became the 84th player in history with 2,500 hits when he singled in the first.

17 July Here are two drawings from Carpe Diem: the same sort of abstract chunkiness I often do, and some imaginary flowers.

17 July Sometimes as a freelancer you are seated at someone's desk and there are personal photos.

11 July Salt?

10 July There a many fine songs. On this Wednesday morning this great old The The song came to mind, so I got the chords from the Internet (10 am), played it a bit on the ukulele (10:15 am), recorded it with vocals and bass and guitar (11:00 am).

9 July Here is a somewhat noisy concoction. It is called For Sleepless Nights of Whiskey & Chess

8 July When it first opened, Figo was really excellent. I have to say, it has steadily declined in quality since then. Here is a quick table drawing I did at the Decatur location while sitting with AR.

7 July I did a piece for the Vinyl show at New Street. It is constructed of vinyl LPs with an iron frame. I was told that I "broke the rules". This was constructed with the help of Jason Smith, a very fine blacksmith and really excellent fellow.

5 July Sometimes you are with someone and they say, I need to step into the restroom, and during that minute or two interval, you do a drawing.

5 July Here is a stressful drawing done at the Chamblee Municipal Courthouse. As it happens it all turned out fine. They are very nice folks there.

30 June I think Fritti makes a very fine pizza. Here is a drawing I did, waiting for a takeout pie, listening fo r a minute there to the Seattle Mariners play the Toronto Bluejays on satellite radio.

30 June As it happens, I am pet-sitting for a few days for some friends of mine. There is a pool here and I am often poolside.

29 June I went out to hear music at two places: at Eyedrum I heard The Ghosts Project and the fine cellist and improviser Zoë Keating. At New Street I heard Lismore, a synth-pop-punk duo from NJ/NY. Here are blind drawings of each perfomance: Ghosts (visible is Tambourd player, whose name is not listed on th e Eyedrum description but I think it is Maldorora -- view otherwise blocked, but I did start seeing through material bodies for a moment), Zoë (sat on the floor), a small one of Lismore.

27 June I got some new art supplies at Pearl. Then, I did a small (not very successful) drawing.

June Here are a bunch of tiny drawings: from the supermarket, bars, restaurants, etc. Many of these were drawn blind. Thanks to Artlite for their matchbook-sized pads.

24 June These are zoris (local for flip-flops) of the recently returned from Hawai'i Ally.

23 June After the sunrise and some zombied wandering around, I went up the road to Sun in My Belly for breakfast. You can always count on the finest at SIMB -- they sure know how to poach an egg, somethi ng to treasure... I did this drawing of my tabletop.

22 June I was kindly invited to participate in a Solstice celebration. Not to pass over the hippy connotations here, but I did in fact study astronomy initially at Vanderbilt. I have some great actor friends (many of them are in Twinhead Theatre including the wonderful LK) and they conceived (in about 4 days) a play for the occasion. I helped with the music, including this version of John Do wland's Frogg Galliard (this is a composite of a rehearsal recording and ukulele and guitar recorded at home). The performance was at a super wooded lot not at all far from my house -- it is a large lot with a forest and a hand-built stone house (in progress). Here is a flower from the forest. Many people pitched tents and camped in the woods. Here is a vision drawing from the very early hours, as well as a rooftop sketch from just after sunrise (one person brought a Dobsonion t elescope for viewing Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and various deep sky objects).

21 June This is a hastily rendered hot sauce bottle, at that Caribbean place downtown. I liked that it says "Very Hot" on the label.

17,18 June Here are a few more drawings on outgoing mail: tea (it does figure into my day regularly) and a turtle.

16 June Here is an improvised piece recorded with JL and AR. I had each of them take instruction and record improvisations to the unheard bits recorded by the other. I added improvised parts as well. It is called The Virus: Primary Inscription and I am not sure why.

15 June This was my day, up to 1 pm. (C.f., My Day, 26 April and My Day, 20 April)

14 June With apologies to their schools' student bodies, this is my favorite time of year to visit university libraries. Here is some local flora. I got over to Emory early enough to visit the Car los Museum, and here are two drawings from there: an unidentified (no tag) Roman head, and two unidentified (the m useum does not know) death transformation masks. In the library I did a few drawings of the Spotted Turtle, ostensibly for the Georgia Herpetological Society... but since the deadline for this art is one day away, this should not be taken too seriously.

16 December 2006 The Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve is a really lovely place. I took some photos there in the afternoon: sky map, preserve forest, winter flower, winter treescape. (I sort of feel as if eve ryone has already seen these already.)

9 December 2006 My old friend and musical brother DRS came down for a visit. We did some improvising. Here. D is playing the guitar, MD (similarly vintaged friend) is playing a DVD (recorded live vi a the telephone) , and I am playing a Casio SK-1 and soft synth. Together we are PROJECT STUCCO.

December 2006 This is an exquisite corpse drawing with DL C.

9 June I performed with KT and JD at a local 'art gallery'. The piece is called: "Charts-n-Graphs", and is still in development. Here is an exc erpt from the 18'30" live performance. KT and JD are the voices.

6 June It seems that I like to sing in Japanese. This is a rough draft of a song that appeared on the excellent "Nihon no hito" record by H.I.S. The latter group includes one of my very favorite musicians, Hosono Haruomi.

5 June I did a few little drawings at a bar. This one is on a receipt, and these are on tiny pieces of paper.

2 June My sister just had twins. I went up to visit and in addition to taking hundreds of photos (which are perhaps too personal for this site), I played three improvisatory lullabies on two Casio keyboards, each with a microrecorder sitting on it. Here is the first lullaby, and here is a little picture of one of the lads in one of those auto rocking machines (you can hear them working in the background of the lullaby).

30 May Here is a drawing I did at the DMV, waiting in line. The woman there helped me out with an expired tag issue (she didn't break the rules or suggest that I break the rules... but there were some heavy hints in that direction which I took). I also did a drawing of magnolia blossoms which I gave to her in thanks.

30 May I did a couple of frog drawings for some young friends.

26-28 May A bunch of us went down to Lower Alabama for the weekend. It was a great group, perfect weather, equal parts relaxation and activity. I did a few drawings from books there -- sm all drawings which will head letters to be sent. I also did a tiny (these are all tiny) view of the river from the house and an automatic drawing + painted river view. And, here is one of JTM sitting in the sunroom. I also brought along a tiny keyboard and ukulele and constructed this sort of drony musical bit for the now departed Uncle James.

22 May This is a house on my street. It really ought to be condemned and torn down.

20 May In the evening, I went to hear Bent Frequency at Eyedrum. Here are s ome drawings of three of the solo performers...

20 May Here are some artifacts from the Eyedrum Garden Tour, specifically, a bit of the sound accompanyment to AR's garden. This microrecorder recording is: JL (turntables, efx), AR (laptop), myself (Casio SK-1 and laptop). You can hear AR's neighbor saying how much she has appreciated hea ring the sounds "all afternoon". Whoa. What are they putting in the water in Roswell? Here is a drawing of the site and here is Jlo's car interior drawn on the trip up. (And, for the sake of semi-completeness and greater fidelity, here is a direct-to-disk recording of just my part, part of my part... the party of the first part...)

17 May This is an improvisation with JL, the latest in a series of good persons to rent a room in my house. He is playing bass and guitar overdub (right ch annel), I am playing guitar+space-echo (left channel) and Casio SK-1 (loop and overdub).

13 May A magnolia blossom in the backyard.

16 May I left some clothes at my parents house. They mailed them to me neatly boxed.

12 May An automatic drawing of some friends at a local Café.

10 May Another tiny tea drawing on an outgoing envelope.

9 May This is where I was working this week.

April 2005 Here is one I did late in the evening. It was the result of a cheap plastic keyboard and some rapid percussive and melodica overdubbing. More or less an improvisation and call ed "Shambling Toward Sleep".

April 2005 This is a black and white photo, in Freedom Park. Captured in motion (and what isn't) is Beacon Dance. I made mus ic for several of their site-specific "mapping" dance pieces, and the odd thing is that this was never acknowledged publically -- to the assembled crowds, in electronic notices and reviews, advertisements, etc. It doesn't bother me, but I did find it odd... you'd think if they didn't like what I was doing they'd not keep asking me?

6 May A backyard lizard. Seemed to enjoy having his/her picture taken.

5 May Front porch view at KT's house.

3 May I don't know very much about cars, but the 911 is a beautiful model.

2 May If I send you mail, there is a very good chance that a drawing will end up on the envelope, from some momentary pause between sealing and sending. These are, from the past day or two (cl ockwise from top): Wachovia drive-through bank in parking garage, La Fonda, Crusader era silver plate detail, La Fonda.

2 May This is a local restaurant that serves Hawaiian plate lunch. I lived in Hawai'i for six years and appreciate anything which reminds me of it... the food is pretty good here, especiall y the Katsu Curry. The perspective is weird as I was trying to represent a view from just about directly under the Hawaiian flag.

2 May This is a one of my favorite things.

1 May I love tea. This drawing is about 1 inch square...

26 April Here is my day. The idea behind these is, at or near the end of the day, to draw a series of thumbnails from the visual stream of the past day, quickly and from memory. It is a somewhat meditative exercise.

26 April Here are all of the faces at Zyka as I waited for my takeout order (about five minutes). I am not very good at this sort of thing, so it is good to practice.

25 April This is a drawing of the current workplace.

25 April Here are two quick watercolors from Carpe Diem. It is good always to have a paint set handy.

August 2005 This is a live improvisation for short wave radio and night noise. Sometimes when I go camping I bring along a pocket short wave radio. Here, in North Carolina, I am recording with a microrecorder, moving it nearer or closer to the radio noise in order to balance that sounds with the night noise of crickets and cicadas.

August 2005 On the road back from Asheville.

August 2005 I got some running shoes.

22 April This is a drive-by pic, Bethelview Road.

21 April Children and cake.

20 April Here is my day after 6 pm.

19 April Here is my day up until 4 pm.

19 April The backyard needs some trimming.

19 April There is a nice magnolia in my yard.

16 April Here are four quick drawings at the KBC at 11:11; bottom two are automatic drawings of Isia (gtr) and Kathleen (violin)

November 2006 Here are two pictures from Fall in Georgia

29 November 2006 I really enjoyed this. I was told it was the LAST Kirkwood Ballers Club (at Lenny's). Playing at the old Lenny's was always (usually) a treat, so when N. told me that the final KBC was this evening, I gathered two casio SK keyboards and two microrecorders and headed over. Well, the vibe at Lenny's was a bit off (to my ears), so instead I teamed up with N. and we recorded this in the parking lot, literally out of the back trunk of my car. Her playing is great and a very light rain began to fall. I recorded it on both recorders (one near her little bell playing, the other near my Casio playing). This mix of it uses both recordings, with a delay between them (equivalent to the delay between hitting record on one, and then on the other): the delay helps to phase out the background noise from Lenny's... and also gives it a more trippy feel.

23 November 2006 Watch out for that TREE!

15 April Although I had to stop filling the main feeder (rats), the suet still attracts some nice birds, including this woodpecker.

15 April Another a short drony improvisation on two casio SK keyboards.

14 December 2005 This is a straight guitar improvisation, played right after making this drawing of Andrei Rublev's famous icon.

November 2005 This trifle is clearly an homage to Tangerine Dream. JG provided the arpeggiated part. After the arpeggiated breakdown into rich synth fields we really have another place to go, we just are not there yet. (Some high cheese here -- when you have a big hunk of stinky cheese, it isn't easy to finish.)

November 2005 This is a multi-track assemblage with prepared guitar.

November 2005 We were driving through Gordo, Alabama on Veterans Day and suddenly the sky was filled with straffing planes!

November 2005 This is a quick line drawing I did sitting in the Books-a-Million in Tupelo, Mississippi.

October 2005 Here is one I did as a gift for KT -- it is blue-black, and improvised on the guitar.

13 April I did this one late at night: a short spacey improvisation on two casio SK keyboards.

May 1989 This is an old one, sort of a mood piece. Recorded in May 1989 (electric guitar, korg polysix, alesis drum machine, roland space echo)

1990 & 1994 Here is an overlay of an improvised track (recorded 10 May 1990 with MD and RTB) with Roland D50 (1994)

10 April Suddenly everything is green and full...

Fall 1997 This recording was very joyful. I hadn't had any opportunity to make music for some while, and I was up at my parents' mountain cabin, and I had it all to myself. And, my brother let me borrow his guitar, cheap Yamaha keyboard and four-track recorder. The guitar part is intentionally spatulate and forced. An instrumental track which is actually severe noise directly preceeds this one. It is called "Septizonium", which is the Roman word for a seven-story building.

End 1999 Each new year I make cards. Here are four from 1999 (that year, all of them were taken from paintings by Giotto and Fra Angelico)

6 April Here is my warmup track for this event (Monomania participated)

7 April Further sketch-research

5 April i had a little time while waiting for a friend of mine to arrive at home; she recommended a nearby duck-pond, with.... the expected result.

5 April i have been doing 'automatic' drawings (without looking at the drawing while drawing) and find i draw better that way (not saying much). here is one from lunch

4 April here is a small watercolor I made in the Emory Library: research for a drawing project, and a birthday gift

4 April here are a few others, from the same library visit

30 March these are pictures I took and painted on Friday

29 March this sort of musical sketch almost never gets re-drawn...

28 March This was on the train in the morning. (cell phone picture)

27 March these are automatic drawings, drawn to music at Eyedrum. the bottom three are the duet for theremin & lap steel, the first is isia cooper

25 March this one here was drawn and painted on the road from Mississippi (thanks to Miss A, for driving)

March 2007 here are some work samples

24 March this is a nice flower in morning light (Baldwin, Miss.)

17 March Here is a 19'56" version, and here is a short extract from the multi-hour found soundtrack I made for the Lost! show at Eyedrum (a show of lost, and found items). I requested sounds from ARTNEWS when I started it (about two weeks in advance of the show -- so, "Found Recently on the Internet" might be a better name). I got requests for: Godzilla (some of my favorite sounds are from Godzilla movies so I was really delighted by this request), owls, and a couple of others were provided. The rest I found and assembled.

17 March here is 'behind the scenes' at the Lost! show at Eyedrum...

14 March Here are three cell phone pictures from working at the Inforum Building.

27 February here is an animated gif

November 2006 this song has been covered by a lot of folks; here is my version (lots more on this great song here.)

March 2007 here is my resume

28 February this is right across the creek from me

17 February This is what Monomania does: live improvisations on (mostly) toy instruments.

16 February this poor frog went unclaimed

5 February The Kirkwood Baller's Club is now at 11:11 Teahouse. I was sitting in the side room, and you know how at KBC there is a certain openess to the music, and also that people sometimes play over their alloted 15 minutes... well, I was in this side room and the saxophone player had gone on for a while, so I got a little sample of him playing and start riffing on it, and although a battery powered casio in the next room is unlikely to reach the ears of someone playing a saxophone, i felt that we were playing together. here is that. (it ends suddenly when I hear that someone is singing a song in the other room.)

24 January the dictator, revealled!

23 January it would be a stretch to call this music... but it does come to a nice resolution. (an improvisation on casio sk-1, sk-10, guitar and bass)

January This drawing says "Superbowl 2007", which I guess means I made it then...

2006 When you see art, hail it!