Music for dance, Jan 2012 (by Jon Ciliberto)

composed for Full Radius Dance, performances 20-21 January at Seven Stages Theatre in Atlanta.

The 'suite' of music for dance (13'05") (mp3)

... and here is the music for the performance (includes some repeats of above), (17'22") (mp3)


Here are the individual tracks (not segued into one another, and slightly different from the above in some other ways):

Section 1 slow, drifty, with widely intermittent pops and distant industrial noises. (4'16") The dancers interact with bubble wrap in the performance, hence the inclusion of lots of popping noises throughout (some of the bubble wrap sounds are from

Section 2 t=70, quite rhythmic, with requested 'soul'! (3'16") Electric guitar, bass, synthsizer, drums (by Bryan Ciliberto) noises.

Section 3 Rather industrial (4'59")

Section 4 t=110 duet in waltz time: classical guitar & violin (latter played by Zac Denton) (3'15")

Section 5 t=110, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2, (2'10")